Classe A - Just like you

Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative attitude, Ultravioletto explores the possibilities that lie between analog and digital fields to examine the relationship of humans and technology.

I made a bridge in node.js on an aws server that has collected thousands of selfie from a site and sent them back processed by the algorithm created by Ultravioletto.

I am we are

nufactory is a creative and communication agency that has its roots in contemporary art and street art.

I made an application that downloads contents with a specific hashtag from instagram and maps them on five windows, dividing them into parts and applying glitch shaders. I've coded in c++ on Openframeworks and in OpenGL.

» I am we are [photo]

Largo Ascianghi 5, Roma

RAM, founded by Mario Pieroni and Dora Stiefelmeier in 2003, is a platform for contemporary art based in Rome

Connected to the Paolo Nespoli's VITA mission, SPAC3 is an application developed by ESA together with RAM radioartemobile, in cooperation with ASI and Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto. The generated images, once shared, become part of a large and interactive mosaic on the web.

I coded the web side in Php, Python an Javascript.

» [site]

Deep Dream Act II

NONE is an artistic collective, a physical and conceptual space that develops transmedial projects that reflect and interpret the contemporary condition of being

project by NONE Collective

Interactive visuals Andrew Quinn

Sound consulting Luca Spagnoletti

A work of art immersed in the dreams of the network.

I made the web site that collects the visitors social media profile photos running in the installation, I coded in Php.

» Deep Dream Act II [video]