I am we are

nufactory is a creative and communication agency that has its roots in contemporary art and street art.

I made an application that downloads contents with a specific hashtag from instagram and maps them on five windows, dividing them into parts and applying glitch shaders. I've coded in c++ on Openframeworks and in OpenGL.

» I am we are [photo]

Largo Ascianghi 5, Roma


Musical improvisations performed live at Progetto Borca in Borca di Cadore, Dolomiti, and at Dal Verme Circolo in Rome.

Realized with Cycling '74 Max 7. Self released.

» signals [album]

Progetto Borca ​​is a project run by Dolomiti Contemporanee, it operates on the ex Villaggio Eni, a children's colony ideated by Enrico Mattei and realized by the architect Gellner, favouring its cultural enhancement, with the objective of renewing and giving new purpose some of its parts

Studio 54

Quiet ensemble is born in 2009 from the meeting between Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli, it goes through the observation of the ballance between chaos and control, nature and technology

Installation during a party.

I made a face tracking and substitution with Python and OpenCV.

» Studio 54 [photo]

visual for Hunting

Sound designer and producer, he has signed spot for major brands and film scores

Generative visual I made with Cycling '74 Max.

» Rocco Cavalera - Hunting [video]

Afterglow memories

Ind - I need darkness is a collective run by Giuseppe Guariniello aka Mutech

Giuseppe Guariniello concept, direction, design
Rocco Cavalera music and sound design

Afterglow memories is an interactive audiovisual installation made up of a minifilm and with a interactive part that allows you to study issues related to the Ind - I Need Darkness project.

I made the interactive interface and a 3D shaping with Cycling '74 Max.


» Afterglow memories [video]


Seven recordings I fired up while patching my digital music environment based on serial music techniques. I call it "the Serialcer". All tracks are played in real time and improvised on a basis of numerical series intersecting each other to design algorithms on notation, arrangements and DIY digital audio processings. Each one tests a state of the program, from the first, recorded on the latest version, to the seventh that represent the first idea. On tracks 2, 6 and 7 I used an external synth and a sampler, the others are fired just on an i5 microprocessor. It's self released.

Made with Ciclyng '74 Max.

» Psychopadelia [album] » Psychopadelia [visuals]

On the apparently immobility of the forms

Three minutes ago, formed by Nicoletta Grasso in 2011, works in the fields of performing arts and visual arts

A study by Three minutes ago, in collaboration with Quiet ensemble, about the concept of Time, Form, Matter.

Theatrical installative performance.

I made a surface real time mapping, video effects and sound design with Cycling '74 Max.

» On the apparently immobility of the forms [photo]

La carezza del vetro

Three minutes ago, formed by Nicoletta Grasso in 2011, works in the fields of performing arts and visual arts

Nicoletta Gasso performer, dramaturgy, choreography

Bernardo Vercelli concept, scenography, direction, choreography

Theatrical installative performance, finalist at the Scenario Prize in Santarcangelo Festival.

I made the real time body mapping for the choreography, the video effects and the motion tracking with Cycling '74 Max.


» La carezza del vetro [video]