DSI Tetr4 editor

Editor for the tiny and gorgoeus synthesizer Tetr4 by Dave Smith Instruments. It works in Cycling74 Max 8.

Program mode mapped in MIDI NRPN plus nice features on the sequencers.

Done to spend the nights during the Italian lockdown of 2020. Enjoy.

Licenza Creative Commons
NonCommercial 4.0 International 

405 Fields

Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative attitude, Ultravioletto explores the possibilities that lie between analog and digital fields to examine the relationship of humans and technology.

405 Fields by Ultravioletto installation in Villaggio Eni at Borca di Cadore.

I made the installation augmented sonorization for this occasion with max msp.

» 405 Fields making-of [photo]


A site installation inside a cellar where the movements of people activate feedback between a suspended guitar and an amplifier.

It's done with Max 7.

» Retroazione [video]

Blooming Festival is born from the desire to promote different artistic expressions of research in the field of digital culture, music and electronic arts.


Musical improvisations performed live at Progetto Borca in Borca di Cadore, Dolomiti, and at Dal Verme Circolo in Rome.

Realized with Cycling '74 Max 7. Self released.

» signals [album]

Progetto Borca ​​is a project run by Dolomiti Contemporanee, it operates on the ex Villaggio Eni, a children's colony ideated by Enrico Mattei and realized by the architect Gellner, favouring its cultural enhancement, with the objective of renewing and giving new purpose some of its parts

Pinocchio. Vol. 1

Direction by Matteo Cusato

Script by Andrea Carvelli

On stage Emanuela Bernardi, Simone Di Pascasio, Alice Ferranti, Francesco Turi

Scenography by Giulia Cervini, Daniele Poce

Staging of pinocchio adventures.

I made a real time generative music during the stagings, with Cycling '74 Max.

» Pinocchio. Incidental music [album]


Seven recordings I fired up while patching my digital music environment based on serial music techniques. I call it "the Serialcer". All tracks are played in real time and improvised on a basis of numerical series intersecting each other to design algorithms on notation, arrangements and DIY digital audio processings. Each one tests a state of the program, from the first, recorded on the latest version, to the seventh that represent the first idea. On tracks 2, 6 and 7 I used an external synth and a sampler, the others are fired just on an i5 microprocessor. It's self released.

Made with Ciclyng '74 Max.

» Psychopadelia [album] » Psychopadelia [visuals]

Stochastic walking class

Self produced album of original compositions.

Made with Digital Perfomer, Reaktor and a Nord Micromodular.

Cover by Roccobot.

» Stochastic walking class [album]

Night Vongola

Self produced ep of original compositions.

Made with Digital Perfomer, Reaktor and a Nord Micromodular.

I used te 4th track for an audio installation at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome at the electronic music festival Meet in Town.

» Night Vongola [ep]

Vasco da Gama

Self produced album of original compositions.

Made with Digital Performer, Reaktor and a Nord Micromodular.

» Vasco da Gama [album]